Custom is Our Core

MacArthur’s custom labels, tags, decals, and flexible die-cut components support industries and applications where attention to every small detail matters. Our development team utilizes expertise in materials, testing, and processing to manufacture products meeting customers’ unique performance specifications and usage conditions. We also offer enhanced technologies including serialized barcoding, RFID, anti-counterfeit, anti-tamper, and printed and flexible electronics.


At MacArthur we research, test, and utilize a portfolio of technologies to deliver critical product attributes at competitive prices. Technologies we consider for the construction of every product include: Raw material, adhesive chemistry, inks & coatings, RFID, tooling, processing method, packaging format, and secondary printing/encoding integration. Proven science, practical engineering, testing rigor, and user experience are pillars of our approach.


With hundreds of unique label, decal, tag, and die-cut SKUs to manage, companies often struggle with portfolio quality, delivery, and poor efficiency managing across a fragmented set of suppliers. MacArthur offers Commodity Management to serve as your organization’s trusted partner for long term support and continuous improvement. Commodity Management services are tailored to each customer’s needs and can include Master Specification Architecture/Strategy, Supplier Consolidation, Part Commonization, Design Platforming, Localization, Value Engineering, Safety Stock, and Change Management.

Safe@Work Series

MacArthur’s Safe@Work series supports compliance to health authority guidance for workplace screening, cleaning, social distancing, and protective supplies to help prevent the spread of disease. Our products are designed for and tested in laboratory, manufacturing, warehousing and office environments. All products offer OSHA compliance and ANSI Z535.1 color standards for safety.